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Handicratfs Export & e-commerce will be more growing after lockdown in India

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As we all know this world is suffering from the pandemic of covid 19. And not only one country is shutdown but almost every country going through this shutdown phase. People are dying some because of covid 19 and some because of depression. And the main reason for depression No earning. I hope soon it’s going to be end, so that everyone will start new life with the better resources.

During lockdown, we know that the export and e commerce faces a big loss. The reason behind this was the disease.

Well if we talk about India, our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced that their will be full lockdown for 21days from 23 March to 14 April. During this phase, every businessman faces a lot of hardship and wouldn’t be able to continue their orders of purchase. But it’s expected that when the lockdown will people will be having the demand to purchase more and more things to bring changes in their boring life. And of course the roll of e commerce will the bigger as we all know every e commerce is now selling the essential goods such as grocies, masks, sanitizer. It’s seem that the e commerce will be more growing after lockdown.

What’s the reason behind when we say e commerce will be more growing after lockdown?

The main reason behind this is as we all know this disease of covid 19 is spreading by touching person to person or by person to object, to make sure that we stay out of it is to avoid going to public places. And if people will not go to any public place like malls and market places, they will not be able to buy anything, so the possibility of increasing e commerce business is quite true.

During the last phase of lockdown, our PM allows us to shop of essential goods such as grocies, masks, hand washes and sanitizers and these purchasing are from e commerce sites. This has a great impact on the future growth of e commerce.

If you are thinking to sell your products, then you should adopt online selling. India is the second largest online shopping market in the world. In last three years the market turnover has doubled from 20 to 40 million dollar. And most of all at the starting of 2020, national survey says total 74% of Indian have made atleast one online purchase. During the lockdown the global effect of covid 19, will have on country’s economy but what is already clear is e-commerce sector has benefited from the lockdown so far. As I told you before people will avoid going to public places, we see a significant jump in order, which increase by 20% to 30% in march. And we expect to grow even faster in coming months.

What’s the reason behind when we say handicrafts export will be more growing after lockdown?

When we talk about handicrafts export, we always remember China and USA. They are the purchaser of our handicrafts products since ages. And during this crisis they also have gone through alot. So, they would definitely love to change their routine and will exceed their purchasing so that they would cope up with this pandemic and start living their life normally.

The news is coming from the EPCH (Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts) that government should allow the resumption of the work in export industry as most of the artisan and labours are dependent on this. The Export industry will come over the loss they have faced during the lockdown. You might be thinking how the above statement is going to be true. While we are in lockdown, the demand of handicraft goods in the foreign industry are still high.

India might became the leading export country in handicrafts surpassing china, as china may have the second wave of pandemic Covid-19 in the month of October or November. Also, the Importing countries like USA and Europe are willing to buy good from India as the handicrafts quality of India is far better than Chinese goods.

So, it’s clear that from the above article that  handicraft export and e-commerce will be growing after the lockdown in India because the situation will be better than before and everyone will go back to their normal life.

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